.NET Core Globalization and Localization links


The Globalization and Localization in ASP.NET Core is different compared with the classic ASP.NET.

Here we collect some helpful information (Note: Before .NET Core 3.0 releasing):

1: Globalization and localization in ASP.NET Core (from Microsoft);

2: Adding Localisation to an ASP.NET Core application;

3: ASP.NET Core Localization Deep Dive;

4: Redirecting unknown cultures when using the url culture provider;

5: ASP.NET Core: Simple localization and language based URL-s;

6: Url culture provider using middleware as filters in ASP.NET Core 1.1.0;

7: Applying the RouteDataRequest CultureProvider globally with middleware as filters;

8: How to create a link to switch language in ASP.NET Core 2.2?;

9: Step-by-step tutorial to build multi-cultural Asp.Net Core web app;