Git Push Failed Cannot Determine the Organization Name for Dev Azure


Recently the Visual Studio 2019 got updated but we find the issue of Git pushing to failed.

The error message is "Failed to push to the remote repository. See the Output window for more details" when we tried to push the git changes.

git push to azure failed

The output window should be set to "Source Control - Git" to see the details message:

git push to azure failed

Now we can see more error information:

Git failed with a fatal error:

Cannot determine the organization name for this '' remote URL. Ensure the 'credential.useHttpPath' configuration value is set...

git push to azure failed

How to resolve the issue?

To resolve the issue, select the menu Tools -> Options -> Source Control -> Git Global Settings:

Set Credential Helper to "GCM Core"

git push to azure failed

Check Microsoft Doc website for more information.