A Simple ASP.NET MVC Amazon Filler Items Searching Website

Published on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Update: I have released the version 2.  After you read the content below, please also read the new version information. Thanks!

As a practice, and replying for a friend’s request. I just wrote a simple Amazon Filler Item Finding website in this weekend. I put it on Microsoft Azure platform for the demo now.

It is a single web page website currently, but the background it that I used ASP.NET MVC 5, C#, .NET Framework 4.6, Async Task, Ajax, jQuery, Bootstrap etc. on this simple website. It is a single page but there were multiple technologies on it. I will add more feature on it if I get more spare time.

The task of this website is finding out some Amazon items due to specified price, keywords and categories, It is helpful for finding price filler items for free shipping when we order items on Amazon. We must buy at least CAN $35 in Canada or US $49 in US to get free shipping, otherwise we will have to pay shipping fee. We can use this website to find filler items.

Here is its home page, it’s name is Smart Amazon Filler Items Finding.


You can input Max Price as prince threshold. For example, maybe you are ordering an item from Amazon, the price might be around $30, you still need $5 to fill the gap for getting free shipping, then you can use this website to search some items which prices are under $5, you input 5 in Max Price textbox, then you can click Search button, you will get the following screen:


You can see the searching result display as a Ajax way, only result part gets refreshed on the page.

There are some results looked not exactly correct, but actually they are correct. Because the Amazon Web service is just like that, all data are from Amazon service.

I moved major logic code to Model since how to get data is the heaviest task in this web project, now the Controller is more lighter than my other ASP.NET MVC projects, it could be more clean to connect with View side, and make Unit Test be more convenient.

Another major task in using jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap to implement View works. Normally if in a big web project,  the View side works should be taken by a professional Front-End developer who know very well about CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS etc. But for small project, a Full Stack developer can finish both of Back-end and Front-end jobs. I was just taking a Full Stack role all the time.

Since Amazon ONLY returns 5 ~ 10 pages of searching result (when we set category to All, Amazon only returns up to 5 pages, other single category returns up to 10 pages), I only put fixed 10 page buttons in searching result page currently, even they are still using Ajax way, but I will definitely improve them using dynamic pagination way in the future new versions.

Again, the website link is THIS ONE.

Welcome to use it and keep back to check its updating.