About Azure Scheduler Free Tier in 2016

Published on Monday, June 27, 2016

Scheduler on Azure has been adjusted in new portal since we created the scheduler using classic portal. We can not remember whether the scheduler creating was only supported in classic portal, but we remember we did creating scheduler in classic portal.

The bad thing was user could not easily know the scheduler was on free tier or not when user created scheduler in classic portal, which we mentioned in our old blog.

Now, let us record something about Azure Scheduler which we are often confused by:

1: Scheduler belongs to Job Collection. When we say free tier Scheduler, actually the price tier should be on Job Collection, not on Scheduler;

Each Free tier Job Collection can have up to 5 jobs (schedulers)


2: Each Scheduler can only run 1 time in one hour; In our case, we are using a free schedule to warm up one of our demo website every 1 hour (simply visit the website every 1 hour);


we can see current Scheduler price below or from official page: