About My IoT Demo Application

Published on Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I have times to collect information from my existed applications using different technologies now. IoT was the one of them. I had an running IoT Demo application which used Windows Forms, C# and Microsoft Azure IoT.

I had a simulator program could run on Windows local system, it was like a IoT device, It could be registered onto Microsoft Azure platform (IoT Hub), then transfer data to Azure, Azure will distribute data to all other clients.


I could create another desktop program to be the role which liked one of clients and got the simulator real time data. but I was stuck when I tried to create an Android app ( I did not try creating an iPhone app because I did not have an Mac and Apple forced developer use Mac for iPhone development, which was not friendly. )

I tried to use Xamarin in Visual Studio 2015 and to create an Android app since I was noticed Microsoft had already merged Xamarin into Visual Studio 2015, but I also realized I missed enough information which was about develop Xamerin app using Visual Studio 2015, most of tutorial on their website were out of dated. I did not want to use Google's Android development tool since I majorly used Microsoft's stuff. People say I am a “Faithful Fans” of Microsoft, I guess I might really be that.

So I will try Android development later, hope it will be soon. I will have to consider how I can show the demo through internet.