ASP.NET Related Names and Versions MVC, EF, Core…

Published on Saturday, September 17, 2016

Every 1 or 2 months if I did not touch the projects which were about ASP.NET related technologies, I might forget the names and versions. Let me record something here:

_ASP.NET 5 is ASP.NET Core 1.0_ _.NET 5 = .NET Core 1.0_ _EF 7 = EF Core 1.0_ _MVC 6 = .NET Core MVC 1.0_
Normally, if you want to use any "Core" stuff like above, use Visual Studio 2015. In Visual Studio 2013, by default, we can only see the versions up to _ASP.NET 4.6x or higher (future), EF 6, MVC 5_