Cloud Computing is Required Feature in New Enterprise Applications

Published on Thursday, October 29, 2015

I mentioned Cloud Computing was the mainstream currently. We have to consider the Cloud Computing requirement in most of our existing or new developing software projects NOW because the Cloud Computing has penetrated to everywhere in our life. it came very earlier than we thought.

For example the software systems in Coal Mine.

Why Coal Mine needs Cloud Computing ?

Coal Mine businesses use Computer Automation and Control System very early. In a Coal Mine, there should be multiple software systems. for example: there might be a device real-time monitoring system, there might be a video and media stream monitoring system as well, then they must have at least one data server, at least one application server, at least one media stream server, and multiple clients. They also must have huge storage hardware to save huge amount data.

Also, they have other types of applications such as their office level applications, they also have network security control system.

Also, they have countless of devices such as gas detection devices for Mine safety monitoring. All those devices came from different devices and services providers.

The Coal Mine business have realized some problems or their new requirements:

1: All software systems were from different devices and services providers, they are separated, hardly make connection among them. They might have different software modules but implement the same functions;

2: Most of systems generates log data which are for history data modules, But different software systems can not take advantage of the data which is generated by other systems even the history data is just it wants;

3: How and Where to save huge history data including video stream data and devices real-time value and status data ? How to generate functions modules such as searching and data analyzing based on these huge data ?

4: There are so many devices which were from different providers, could them connect each other using Enterprise Intranet or even Internet ?

How and What should do ?

Based on above requirements and problems, we can foresee the following things will be happened in Coal Mine businesses:

1: Coal Mine businesses need single controllable platform, to manage all different software systems which are from different providers. different software systems should be running on the single platform so that they can control and monitor all application system's running status; An Enterprise Cloud Computing is the solution for them, Or, they might consider to rent a special Cloud systems from big IT companies such as Microsoft, Amazon etc.;

2: They need single data module or as few as possible data module to be used for different software system, or, they might directly ask all software systems MUST be based on their own data center, so that all software can use the same data source; Cloud Data Storage is the solution;

3: For the huge amount data saving which are form different applications, Cloud Data Storage is the solution; For the data analyzing and searching related function, the Big Data is the technology solution;

4: For the devices connections, the IoT (Internet of Things) is the solution.

Overall, we know more and more businesses are turning to Cloud Computing, For the Cal Mine businesses, they will ask their services and devices providers to create application system and products based on their Cloud Computing platform soon, they will choose the better and early action providers. So, all providers and IT developers should NOT lost in this chance of Cloud Computing storm.