Conspec Windows Primary System S950 Part 1

Published on Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Windows Primary System is a Coal Mine gas detection device control system which provided Conspec Controls.

S950 is a upgraded version based on S900.

The reason why we have S950 based on S900:

1: Customers need to support both of Modbus and Accessor protocol system, but S900 only supports Modbus;

2: Some features and User Interfaces were not right or reasonable for either customers or existing Conspec devices;

3: We should integrated with existing Conspec device hardware data tables; DO NOT hard code device data in system;

4: S900 missed some features which was designed in recent systems, such as new F4 user screen;

5: We have different Primary systems based on Windows system and Linux system, the market and customers need us to provide same or similar user experiences (user operating screen), so we started the plan to make all front end systems from either Windows platform or Linux platform to be identical;

Compared with S900, S950 came with lots of changes from backend database to frontend user interface.

Changings in database:

1: Basic Point and Trunk data structure changed due to new requirement;

2: Point location information was retrieved to a separate data table;

3: Added horn data table for horn settings;

Changings in business logic code:

1: Existing point and trunk class changed;

2: All related logic routines changed;

3: Cleaned up entire application code from zip package size 1.68G to current un-zipped size about 350MB which count size of bin and obj folder;

4: Adjusted all 3rd party libraries locations to get compiled OK between switch Debug mode and Release mode freely (original version could not be compiled if in Release mode);

Changings for user operation model:

1: Replaced original trunk editor with new trunk editor which will be the part of uniform front end system editor project;

2: Replaced original point editor with new point editor which will be the part of uniform front end system editor project;

(Another reason why we have new editor models because the editor functions requirement are too different with original one, we had to create brand new system editor and merged into original Windows Primary system)

Changings in database access code:

1: Changed all related database access code;

Above content involved main changings recording there were other works in the modification actually. We will have more development information along with our development, also we will have more new content to introduced.