Great svn client software for Visual Studio


Let me recommend a plugin for Visual Studio, its name is AnkhSVN.

I think many programmer might be using TortoiseSVN as a svn client tool. Yes, TortoiseSVN is a great SVN client (it has server function also) too. But if you write code using visual studio, you might think about a svn client which is more fit for Visual Studio IDE.

For example, you might know it is painful if you need to add or delete files, when you use TortoiseSVN, most of time you have to click "Add" to add your new generated files, if you forget to "Add" files, TortoiseSVN will not add your new files by default.

Fortunately there is a perfect svn tool is just for Visual Studio, After you used this svn client, you will not want to leave away from it.

Actually, it is a plugin for Visual Studio, its name is AnkhSVN, you can download from its official site

_AnkhSVN is a Subversion Source Control Provider for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010.

AnkhSVN provides source code management support to all project types supported by Visual Studio and allows you to perform the most common version control operations directly from inside the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.

The Pending Changes dashboard gives you a unique insight in your development process and provides easy access to the source code and issue management features. The deep source code control (SCC) integration allows you to focus on developing, while AnkhSVN keeps track of all your changes and provides you the tools to effectively handle your specific needs._