Highlights of Microsoft Build 2014 Day 2


Day 2 of Build 2014 focused on Cloud Computing: Microsoft public cloud platform: Azure; also they had private cloud computing content.


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Seems all above were about Microsoft Azure and related cloud computing

5: (Very interesting thing!)

Mr. Anders Hejlsberg, pressed the public button to push Roslyn - The next generation of Microsoft .NET Compiler Platform  to Open Source !!

You guys know who Mr. Anders Hejlsberg is ?

He is the father of C#, Turbo Pascal, the chief architect of Delphi, and also the core developer on TypeScript !

Hi! Developer:  Here is Mr. Anders Hejlsberg:


Now we know Microsoft is going to open source their more core projects and core techs.

Here is Microsoft official Roslyn webpage.

6: C# 6.0;

7: Visual Studio Online (I have provides several introductions blogs previously);

8: Microsoft is trying to provide software to convert legacy Windows Form application to Web !

Also, They will be software to convert legacy VB 6 application to new .NET application! Wow! our VB6 CDI version seems can get longer life.

8: Other (I did not watch, sorry)

Check more video playback here.