How to Uninstall NuGet Packages ?

Published on Friday, January 3, 2014

You might installed some packages using NuGet Manager in Visual Studio. but did you try to uninstall packages if you do not want the package any more?

Why we uninstall a NuGet Package?

Firstly we should know why we want to uninstall packages. There is one important reason is that some NuGet packages are big in size, they caused your project has a big size too. so when you do not a NuGet package, you might consider remove it to reduce our project size.

How to uninstall NuGet packages?

1: In Visual Studio, Right click the project which you want to remove NuGet packages, and select Manage NuGet Packages :


2: In Manage NuGet Packages screen, Please remember to click Installed packages option on the left panel first, and then you can search the package which you want to uninstall,

Now you can directly click Uninstall button.


Other way:

There is another way is using Package Manager Console, you can use “Uninstall-Package PackageId” command to uninstall a package, but here we do not want to talk its detail, what we think is the previous way is much more convenient, why we need a console manager ? but if you want to do you can try by yourself.