How to use Deep Zoom Composer

Published on Thursday, September 9, 2010

Deep Zoom Composer used for Creating a Deep Zoom Image

Steps copied from MSDN:

A Deep Zoom image is composed of tiles of JPEG or PNG images at different resolutions that make up an image pyramid. The best way to create Deep Zoom images is to use a tool like Deep Zoom Composer.

To create a Deep Zoom image

  1.  Download and install Deep Zoom Composer.
  2.  Start Deep Zoom Composer and create a new project.
  3.  In the Import workspace, click Add image and add a high-resolution image to the project.
  4.  Click the Compose workspace.
  5.  On the Images tab, drag the image onto the artboard.
  6.  Size the image as needed.
  7.  Click the Export workspace.
  8.  Click the Custom tab.
  9.  In the Output type section, select Silverlight Deep Zoom.
  10.  In the Name box, type dzc_output.
  11.  In the Location box, specify a location.
  12.  In the Image settings section, select Export as a composition (single image).
  13.  Leave the other settings as their defaults.
  14.  Click the Export button to export the Deep Zoom image files.
More information please read How to: Use Deep Zoom in Silverlight