I am a newbie for LinkedIn


I know LinkedIn is a social type website for professional people, I have also 1 or 2 accounts on it since there was one of my friends suggested me to register on it couple of years ago. However I used LinkedIn few time and did not check information on it normally, so I am still a newbie for LinkedIn.

So if any friends want to contact me via LinkedIn, please try multiple times, or, please wait for me with patience because I might not know how to check new message on LinkedIn, or I did not login LinkedIn daily.

I am confused by some functions on LinkedIn actually, for example:

1: I changed my public profile URL multiple times, and made sure the URL was the unique one, and I have confirmed I clicked the save button, but when I login my account at next time I still saw the URL was the original one; I don’t know it is LinkedIn’s bug or I missed something myself;

2: How to share a link ? I might know but I am not sure, use "Share a update" ?

I need to learn using LinkedIn.