IoT Times, Still Windows ?

Published on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I tried to searched information about a clear times comparison but I did not get any. So let me personally share my thougt.

What I realized :

PC times:
PC times is the Personal Computer times. In PC Times, Windows killed all other platforms such as Apple’s Mac, it was the king;

**Internet times: **Internet times, PC was still in important role, we used PC to access internet, Windows was still the king;

Mobile Internet times: Microsoft tried to make Windows Mobile very earlier than Apple, but finally Apple released much better mobile device – personal smart mobile phone, the iPhone; and then Google pushed Android system. Microsoft lost most of chances in Mobile Internet times, they are loser in this times. Windows is no more king.

IoT times:


IoT, Internet of Things, there will be more devices which did not access to internet before, will have capability to access internet. IoT times is coming, and we are in it now. Microsoft is going to release their completed new platform: Windows 10, which is designed for traditional PC, Tablet, Mobile Phone and Cloud, also Windows 10 promises to run on XBox, and Embedded Devices, seems Microsoft is ready to use their new Windows for IoT times. so, Will Windows is still the King in IoT ? Let’s watch it.