Microsoft is Too Smart to Name Their Products


Microsoft made lots of software, and even hardware devices. Also, Microsoft named lots of products which they released. If you are a developer, or if you used Microsoft products, you also know Microsoft keeps changing many product names and canceling many products, especially they cancelled when you just spent time to learn them. but what ever, you know a truth, Microsoft like to give names to their products, and, they always thought the names were great.

Microsoft, which is the name we can not complain, because it was from when Bill Gates built the company, which was a good name at that time. Bill Gates might never thought his business would be the biggest software company in the world. so Microsoft is a right name, it is just a brand name, a Trade market name; Actually Microsoft name is compared to Apple, it is so smart;

Azure, which is Microsoft newer stage major product. It is a Cloud platform actually, which including many different clouding computing products such as virtual machine, cloud type web hosting (they called web services), cloud databases, online development stuff etc. which are very great products. However, why named Azure? I know they used a sky color, but don’t they think just simply use Microsoft Cloud is more clear to customers? additionally, I think Microsoft Cloud will get more trust from customers than Azure name;


SQL Server, which is a database system. Why server ? If there is a client, then why called only server ? Any new customer who did not SQL Server will never know it is a database system, but might a database server computer system; Why don’t name Microsoft SQL system ?

Outlook, which is Microsoft new Email service. you might know it could be an email because you used to use local Outlook program before? but it is actually a right name, and Microsoft even used to named a main Email system;

Bing, which is a search system. but anybody could find any reason why Microsoft adopted Bing, which is a really bad word if is pronounced in Chinese, which means Sick.

.NET, does anybody can explain it quickly without doubt and thinking ? As software developer, we know it is a software framework with Common Language Runtime to support several common language such as C#,, C++… etc. to develop software which can run the same framework. But, why .NET ? My friends often ask me Is .NET a web or network technology ?

ASP.NET, anybody can tell what really relationship between it and ASP?

Windows, I do not want to complain the Windows name too much since it was named long time ago, almost all computer users have been knowing Windows, but I heard a question form a real Windows maker: What is Windows exactly ?

Above all, Microsoft could use their brand name Microsoft + simple and right product name, but do not use names with a kind of imagine meaning, Azure, is great for color and might romantic ? but Microsoft Cloud can give customer all meanings, concepts and targets.