Microsoft New Things at 2015 Developer Event (Connect 2015)


Microsoft’s annual developer event Connect();//2015 was on held in Nov 18 and 19 in New York.


Microsoft’s tech leaders brought us the following new things:

1: Visual Studio Code is open source;

Visual Studio Code is the Visual Studio editions for cross-platform such as Mac, Linux and Windows. Now it is released as open source;

2: ASP.NET 5 RC version released:

ASP.NET 5 RC version is available to download, also ASP.NET 5 itself is an open source project. And, developers can use ASP.NET 5 in production environment from now;

3: .NET Core 5 RC released:

.NET Core is kind of new edition of .NET Framework which supports cross-platform.

4: Visual Studio Online renamed to Visual Studio Team Service:

Visual Studio Online now is more extended and more powerful.

5: Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 released;

6: Microsoft Graph general available:

Microsoft Graph is not a graphic stuff. It is a APIs service which is from It was the name of Office 365 unified API.

7: Azure Service Fabric in public preview:

8: The HockeyApp extension:

HockeyApp is not a online game name but is is a mobile system of software lifecycle management.

9: Docker tools for Visual Studio is RC.

There are more new things on Connection();//2015, please check Microsoft’s Connection() 2015 event video.