Microsoft Patterns and Practices Developer Center

Published on Saturday, January 4, 2014

We often see the words “Microsoft patterns & practices” on Microsoft development websites.

About Microsoft patterns & practices

The following explain content was copied from Microsoft official site:

Recommendations on how to design and develop custom applications using the Microsoft platform.

By using patterns & practices offerings, you can accelerate the design and development of your custom applications, reduce project technical risk, and position yourself to take advantage of future Microsoft technologies. Each patterns & practices offering contains a combination of written documentation and re-usable source code. Many also include a reference implementation. This combination provides you with a solid starting point for your application, and a set of proven practices to aid your development.

It is strange Microsoft patterns & practices was less introduced in those popular .NET learning books, maybe it was due to copyright. Or, those books authors were so smart they do not need a patterns & practices guide. whatever, for you, a  Microsoft tech developer, might find a time to look it - Microsoft patterns & practices.