Microsoft’s Technologies are keeping expanding

Published on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Microsoft is becoming cool. They are releasing more and more amazing technologies and expanding their technologies to be applied widely. I mentioned before, Google and Apple’s technologies seems were always welcome by young people since they thought those technologies were cool, but they thought the technologies which were came from Microsoft were most “old, out of dated”.

I was from a C/C++ developer when I worked on both of Windows and Unix platforms. When I worked on Unix system, I had at least 4 years did not touch any Windows develop technologies. After I left Unix environment, I realized Microsoft C# was approved as a standard by ECMA and ISO, then I turned into C# and .NET technologies world. After almost 12 years past, I realize Microsoft’s technologies never forced me leaving to another major technology and language such as Java, even Java and C# are very similar, but according to my received real requirement and finished applications, the .NET and related technologies have never become weak but become more and more stronger, more wider on applications.

What is the Solution We can Use Based on Microsoft’s Technologies now ?

We firstly discuss what the application solution could be if we use Microsoft technologies.

All the reasons and details explanation are placed the other content which follows this section. In this section we just do a quick and highlight solution design.

The common requirement:

1: **Cross-Platform supported** ( a mandatory feature);
2: Not expensive license or even free;
3: Convenient and smooth database system connection;
4: Local / Web solutions supported;
5: Maintain system and related technologies supported;
6: Cloud feature (optional)

Due to above common requirement, we can make the following solution:

1: Developing Language: C# 4 / 5 /6 +;
2: Developing environment: Windows 8.1 or 10, .NET Framework 4.0+; RAM 4 GB at least;
3: Database: Microsoft SQL Server (or other open source database);
4: Local application: Windows Forms / WPF
    Web: ASP.NET
5: Source code and version control on Cloud: Visual Studio online
    Source code and version control local: SVN
6: Developing IDE: Visual Studio / Visual Studio Code (for other language)

Why can We Use Microsoft .NET and C# to Implement Cross-Platform feature ?

How about common multiple platforms ?

Before. developers might concern the .NET framework only supported Windows system, but due to great reputation and good achievements which were from the open source project Mono which was led by Xamarin, and the shocking announcement of Xamarin finally joined to Microsoft family recently. Developers should believe the strong Cross-Platform supported by .NET and C#. Because Mono has resolved perfectly converting the Windows .NET application to other platforms such as Linux, Android, BSD, OS X, Solaris and even PS 3, Wii etc.

We know there are some businesses companies are using Microsoft’s .NET technologies to implement part of Linux applications based on Mono. This trend will be more and more popular and finally it will be a common thing to Linux developers.

Now, since Xamarin belongs to Microsoft, We should believe Microsoft’s .NET have the ability to definitely provide wide platforms supported.


How about IoT using Microsoft’s Technologies ?

IoT is the popular topic currently. We had related topics on this website previously.

Windows 10, has already supported small device which is called IoT edition. If you have any developing board, you should have tried the Windows 10 IoT. Also, please check Microsoft official IoT website.

So whatever our customers use the OS systems or platform, no matter Windows or Linux, or Android, or IoT devices. we can still select Microsoft’s development .NET technologies;

But, Can Microsoft’s Database Support Cross-Platform ?

Microsoft’s database system is SQL Server, which only supports Windows system. It is a big issue if we have requirement of deploy database on Non-Windows server such as Linux.

However, the big issue will be resolved soon. Microsoft just announced the plan of SQL Server on Linux. In the next year (2017), we will have a SQL Server Linux version, and, due to Linux’s open source spirit, also due to SQL Server has free version on Windows, we will most possible get free version of SQL Server Linux Edition.

Microsoft’s Cloud Products and Services ?

In 2013, if you was a smart guy knowing Cloud Computing, you might did not know Microsoft’s cloud service, even Microsoft’s cloud platform was announced in 2008, but the top 10 cloud service businesses did not include Microsoft. The No.10 was Taleo got around $375 Million in revenues, the No.1 was not Amazon, it was Salesforce and got $3.05 Billion in revenues, Amazon was the No. 2 and got $1.73 Billion; Google was the No. 4 and got $1.03 Billion.

Let’s us check 2015. The following is the newest Cloud service market share report which is from CNBC. we can see the No.1 is Amazon now, Microsoft jumped to No. 2 with their great Cloud service platform Azure, and related software products and all services. which is growing up with amazing speed.


(Image from CNBC)

For the software developer, Microsoft released multiple products and tools such as multiple Visual Studio editions, the new Visual Studio code could allow developer write code on Linux, OS X and Windows now. Visual Studio online, is the code version and code repository cloud platform.

We did not enough time to expand all related Microsoft’s new technologies here, so we just stop here for the information.

In conclusion, we know we can more believe Microsoft technologies since their technologies and products have been expanded widely.