Open Sources from Microsoft

Published on Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Microsoft only makes software which you have to pay ?

Most of us like Google's open source, but the strange thing is young people like Apple too even Apple never opened their apple to them).

But, do you know Microsoft opened lots of Big and Main tech to you ?

We can download the source code by clicking the source code menu in the following links. All of them are MS’s newest and applied technologies, not old garbage:


This is the one of 2 main web tech which people are using .NET now, another one is Web Form, but due to web form's limitation to support mobile platform, MVC will be the main web tech, actually, Microsoft has already merged

2 techs in their new development tool (Visual Studio 2013)

3: Web API:

This is the one that lots of programs are are going to use, to replace their WCF projects.

4: WPF:

Great UI solution which is much better than windows form tech.

5: Entity Framework:

Object, Object, Object.

6: SignalR:

This is the new web tech for Real time web application, which is our best choice for new web project, which need web socket support. SignalR supports Web socket and also non-web-socket-supported platform.

7: Actually MS seems turning their entire web tech to open source:

8: About more MS open source pls check this page: