plugin-container.exe ? it is using 40% or even over 50% CPU !

Published on Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Recently you might find your computer's CPU was keeping run fast, there is a process named “plugin-container.exe”, and it occupied your 40% or even over 50% CPU !

What is plugin-container.exe? Is it a virus?

Don't worry, due to internet information, plugin-container.exe is NOT a virus, it was from Firefox .

Frank Lion said :

It is not a resource hog. It separates out the resources used by the plugins. If you look at the Virtual Memory use of Firefox prior to this….it is the same as when you now add the VM of Firefox and the VM of plugin-container.exe together.

Another blog information:

Plug-in crash protection is offered to make Firefox more stable and to reduce less crashes so it is not recommended to disable plug-in container.exe process.If plugin-container.exe annoys by showing frequent crashes of it you can disable plug-in container.exe .

Disabling plugin-container.exe in Firefox

1.Open Firefox and type about:config in address bar 2.Now search for ipc in Filter box . 3.Double click on each of five entries to set their values to false as shown above.


4.Restart Firefox browser.That’s it plugin–container is completely disabled for Firefox browser.