Run Visual Studio 2010 as Administrator Automatically in Windows 7


Most of time when we want to run Visual Studio 2010 as Administrator role, we can right click the Visual Studio short cut in start menu and choose "Run as administrator";

Sometimes if you forgot to choose "Run as administrator" and open a project which need administrator permission, you have to restart Visual Studio. So is it possible that we just click Visual Studio short cut icon to run with administrator automatically ?

The answer is Yes and Simple !

In Windows 7, we can do all executable program like the following steps to let them run as administrator automatically:

1: Right click Visual Studio 2010 short cut icon in Start menu, and choose "Properties":


2: Under "Compatibility" tab, check on "Run this program as an administrator" in Privilege Level section:


After you check on the option shown above, since then every time you open Visual Studio 2010, it must in administrator mode.