Setting IIS 7 for .NET 4.0 in Windows 7 (1)

Published on Thursday, September 30, 2010

In Windows 7, there is the IIS ( Internet Information Services ) version is 7. The following is the steps which we setup an IIS 7 Web server in Windows 7 Home Premium:

There are 3 parts about these steps: I: Setting IIS 7 for .NET 4.0 in Windows 7 (1) II: Setting IIS 7 for .NET 4.0 in Windows 7 (2) III: Setting IIS 7 for .NET 4.0 in Windows 7 (3)

1: Install or turn on the IIS if you have not truned on IIS:

Go to “Control Panel” -> Program -> Programs and Feature, Select " Turn Windows Features on or off " on the left side, and check on all sub items under "Internet Information Services " item (If you know what sub items should be installed, then maybe you don't need to check on all , just check on what you want ).

2: Select IIS 7 Manager in Control Panel after turned on IIS 7

After turned on (installed) IIS7, go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools, you might see 2 IIS managers, the one is IIS 6.0 Manager, another on is IIS Manager that is IIS 7 Manager actually, Choose this one.


4: Add Application Pools for .NET 4.0

By default, there are only 2 Application Pools for .NET 2.0, you have to add 2 more Application Pools for .NET 4.0 ;


5: Set name and choose .NET Framework version, and choose mode between Integrated and classic. **

Here we added 2 .NET 4.0 App Pools with both of integrated and classic.