SignalR 2.0 is Completely Built on OWIN

Published on Thursday, January 2, 2014

When we turned to SignalR 2.0, seems we can not leave away from OWIN (the Open Web Interface for .NET), because SignalR 2.0 is built completely on OWIN.

Please check the Visual Studio 2013 release notes about SignalR 2.0 here. we can find details information.

1: Mapping hubs and connections:

In SignalR 1.x, we do mapping in global application file;

In SinnalR 2.0, we do mapping in OWIN Startup class file:

In Self-Hosted app, we also put the mapping info in an OWIN Startup class file.

Note: the OWIN file can be changed file name and class name.

2: Cross-Domain Handles:

In SignalR 1.0, we use “hubConfiguration.EnableCrossDomain = true;” to handle cross domain;

In SignalR 2.0, we use Microsoft.Owin.Cors library which needs us to install.\