Silverlight Application Compile Failed in Visual Studio 2013 part 2


We had a post about "Silverlight application compile failed in Visual Studio 2013", but this time after we did the steps which was introduced, we still got compile failed.

We tried to moved current Silverlight application to another pc which was installed visual studio 2013, we found there were some references gone.

We tried to use NuGet manager and installed some packages but still not work. so what we did was just add those missed reference (dll files) manually in Visual Studio 2013.


We don’t know whether it is VS 2013 bugs, but we tried to use NuGet Mangement to update some dll files but failed, then we deleted old references first, and then use NuGet Management again to get working.


And,. we had to manually add other dll files which came from 3rd party providers.

Also, there were some dll files which from Microsoft were mess, We did not know why Microsoft management those dll files which were about Silverlight so mess.

Anyway, if you want to open your old Silverlight applications in Visual Studio 2013, you must be careful because you mostly will meet the compile and references missing problems. so good luck !