Smart Amazon Fillers Website Supports Both of Canada and USA Now

Published on Sunday, October 16, 2016

Since I met another weekend and got spare time, I did not wait long and finished urgent features on Smart Amazon Fillers website: Supporting multiple countries, and fixing pagination issue.

You might see I changed the website name: Smart Amazon Fillers, actually it is a similar name with previous versions.

So now Smart Amazon Fillers supports both of Canada and USA, I mentioned I might support UK, but I want to move it to the next version, because I want to support more countries but not only 3 countries; also, I have a new plan to develop a new website which includes multiple modules, the Amazon Fillers feature could be the one of those modules (but this should depends on how this filler website’s feedback)


Also, I improved the web pagination, now you can see the page buttons like this:


And, for result item, the site provides more information for each item:


For more mobile friendly experiences. I will continue to do some things on the site. But more important is adding more functions.

Hope you like the website. Thanks!