Start to Develop Bing Map Application

Published on Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Even you are an experienced Bing map developer, you still might forget how to start to develop a Bing map application after some time if you no more touch the Bing map stuff. So here we record some initial tings for Bing map development.

Microsoft **Bing map developer center **site:


The first step you need a Bing Map Developer Account, Click the link on home page and then access to here:


Here you have 2 options to choose depends on whether you have a Live ID.

Since we have Live ID so we clicked Sign In button. Then we are accessed to Microsoft Live account sign in page. Just input your Hotmail or Live ID to login.

After you login by your Live ID, you will come to Bing Map account center which asks you create Bing map account:


You must create an account to get Bing map key or upload a Bing map apps which you created.

After you have a Bing map account, you can create a new Bing map key or view existing keys: The “Create or view keys” menu item is on the left panel, please check the following screen:


You can create up to 5 Bing map keys, when you create a key, you have to specify the Application Type. After you created keys, you can view them just below the Create Key block. If you need more than 5 keys, you have to contact Microsoft.