The Amazon Filler Items Searching Website is Upgraded


I released a simple ASP.NET MVC website using Amazon service 2 days ago. I might call it MyFiller project version 1. In the 1st version, I actually have not finished all features which I wanted. So in past 2 days, I modified something on it. Now I can call it version 2.

What I changed in MyFiller project version 2 ?

1: Changed table format to list format for searching result;

2: Completed pagination feature;

3: Mobile devices friendly;

4: Bugs fixing;

Let’s see the main UI now (again, website’s link is, We can see the result displaying uses list format. This changing can let me put more content and have flexible layout settings in the future:


About pagination, I fixed the issue which I mentioned in version 1: It can indicate current page which user selected; show correct page count; and I also put pages on both of top and bottom of result, for more convenient pages turning;


For mobile devices visiting, there was a big issue in version 1: The searching condition box was too big on mobile screen, even the searching result came out but user could not realize the screen refreshing because the result was under the searching condition box and was out of screen, user had to swipe the screen to realize the searching had been working.

So in version 2 I collapsed the searching condition box after getting searching result successfully every time, also it can be expanded. See the screenshot below, when user wants to have new searching or change searching, he / she can click the green button to see the original searching condition box:


What I should do next ?

I will let the version 2 run some while, in the next version I will support multiple countries, at least I will support both of USA and Canada Amazon, maybe UK too (not sure); also, I will try to give more mobile friendly features. The pagination is still not perfect for mobile devices.