Using AnkhSVN to Add a new project on SVN Server


I have introduced AnkhSVN, which is a SVN plugin for Visual Studio. But I just realized I never gave some real steps which about how I used this plugin.

Sometimes, if I spent longer time to write code, I found I forgot to how to add a new project to SVN server using AnkhSVN. So this is the first thing which I want to write down it:

1: Open you project using Visual studio, right click the Application, and select Source Control > Add Solution to Subversion…


2: Now you will see the following window, what you should do are input or change information in follwing red boxes, but most time you will just input a Repository Url, and create a folder, and maybe you consider check on Add trunk folder. If everything you is OK, then click OK button


Then your new project updated to SVN server.