What is Microsoft .NET Framework Client Profile ?

Published on Friday, April 15, 2011

Since .NET 3.5 , you have seen the .NET Framework Client Profile.

(From Microsoft)

The .NET Framework 4 Client Profile is a subset of the .NET Framework 4 that is optimized for client applications. It provides functionality for most client applications, including Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and ClickOnce features. This enables faster deployment and a smaller install package for applications that target the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile.

Note: If you are targeting the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile, you cannot reference an assembly that is not in the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile. Instead you must target the .NET Framework 4. For more information

**Features Not Included in the .NET Framework Client Profile**

The .NET Framework 4 Client Profile does not include the following features. You must install the .NET Framework 4 to use these features in your application:

Advanced Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) functionality
.NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle
MSBuild for compiling

When to Use the .NET Framework Client Profile

Applications that target the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile typically improve the deployment experience by having smaller download sizes and quicker install times. An application that targets the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile has a smaller redistribution package that installs the minimum set of client assemblies on the user's computer, without requiring the full version of the .NET Framework 4 to be present.