What is the newest WPF version ?


Some WPF learners ask me what the newest WPF version is currently.

Actually WPF is tight with .NET Framework. Normally, when Microsoft releases a new .NET Framework, there is often newer WPF features are released.

So, normally, if we know the newest .NET Framework version, we also know the newest WPF version. WPF, is actually a part of .NET Framework.

For example, most of developers have installed .NET 4.6.1 or .NET 4.6.2, so we can find related WPF version from them (.NET 5 is another story, which is changed to name .NET Core, I have not known the WPF release info on .NET Core yet).

A simple way to check WPF version which is on your computer currently, just go to the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework.NETFramework

to check .NET Framework versions, the following is the .NET Frameworks on my computer:

image Let’s go into the folder v4.6.2, to check the file "PresentationCore.dll" file version, right click and check the Details tab, we can see the file version: image (Note: if you check V4.5.x folder and check the PresentationCore.dll version, you will see the file version is like V4.0.xxx, which seems strange. But I guess the reason was because Microsoft did not have major updating on WPF after 4.0 when .NET Framework 4.5 released.; but for .NET 4.6.x, the WPF version is also following newest .NET Framework version)