What’s New in Silverlight 5


If you want to read more detail about what’s new in Silverlight 5, you can read Microsoft official site here. Here we will just post notes and related information:

1: Two new controls: PivotViewer and DrawingSurface.

PivoitViewer control handle large amount of data or objects.

DrawingSurface is actually from XNA on Windows phone 7 experience, now you can write XNA games in desktop Silverlight;

2: Control Changes:

ItemsCopntrol Text Search: keyboard input to search item in ListBox or ComboBox

Dialog Changes: new capabilities

3: Media:

new class for Sound Effects, playback rate of media;

The new feature Application-Restricted Media enables content providers to ensure content under DRM is consumed by Silverlight app they authorize;

Support Live TV scenarios that have policies and licenses;

User can remote control media playback;

4: Graphics:

Independent animations

3D Graphics – The core of XNA Games Studio 4.0 graphics libraries is included in Silverlight 5. So in Silverlight, you can write XNA games now;

5: More new features for Text;

6: Trusted applications can access the local file system without restriction;

7: Support multiple windows instances in trusted, out of browser applications;

8: System administrator can enable trusted app to run inside web browser;

9: Silverlight 5 application can call Windows native APIs and unmanaged code;

10: More support for printing;

11: Detecting double click;

12: Silverlight 5 enables you to debug data bindings at the breakpoints on bindings in XAML;

13: More data binding features which were only available in WPF;

14: IMarkupExtensiong<T> in XAML to define a custom markup extension;

15: Performance: background thread for networking, Support for 64-bit browser, etc;