What’s New in Silverlight 5

Published on Monday, April 2, 2012

If you want to read more detail about what’s new in Silverlight 5, you can read Microsoft official site here. Here we will just post notes and related information:

1: Two new controls: PivotViewer and DrawingSurface.

PivoitViewer control handle large amount of data or objects.

DrawingSurface is actually from XNA on Windows phone 7 experience, now you can write XNA games in desktop Silverlight;

2: Control Changes:

ItemsCopntrol Text Search: keyboard input to search item in ListBox or ComboBox

Dialog Changes: new capabilities

3: Media:

new class for Sound Effects, playback rate of media;

The new feature Application-Restricted Media enables content providers to ensure content under DRM is consumed by Silverlight app they authorize;

Support Live TV scenarios that have policies and licenses;

User can remote control media playback;

4: Graphics:

Independent animations

3D Graphics – The core of XNA Games Studio 4.0 graphics libraries is included in Silverlight 5. So in Silverlight, you can write XNA games now;

5: More new features for Text;

6: Trusted applications can access the local file system without restriction;

7: Support multiple windows instances in trusted, out of browser applications;

8: System administrator can enable trusted app to run inside web browser;

9: Silverlight 5 application can call Windows native APIs and unmanaged code;

10: More support for printing;

11: Detecting double click;

12: Silverlight 5 enables you to debug data bindings at the breakpoints on bindings in XAML;

13: More data binding features which were only available in WPF;

14: IMarkupExtensiong<T> in XAML to define a custom markup extension;

15: Performance: background thread for networking, Support for 64-bit browser, etc;