WPF Advanced 01 WPF Architecture

Published on Sunday, November 13, 2016

We need to collect some advanced concepts or acknowledge about WPF. The first one is about WPF Architecture. The figures in this blog are drew by me, based on WPF articles from Microsoft.

Let’s start from Object. The Object class is the basic class in .NET, all other classes are based on Object class.

WPF Object Hierarchy

How is the hierarchy of a WPF control ? Check the figure below, we see the routing like Object –> DispatcherObject –> DependencyObject –> Visual –> UIElement –> FrameworkElement –> Control and Shape (actually there are other similar objects which is like Control)


WPF Components (Architecture)

There are major components of WPF, check the following figure:

Presentation Framework and Presentation Core are managed components.The milCore is unmanaged component which is integrated with DirectX, which is the engine of WPF.


We will have other WPF Advanced blogs, welcome back to check.