WPF classic features

Published on Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WPF classic features:

1: All WPF layout dimensions are specified using device-independent pixels. A device independent pixel is one ninety-sixth of an inch in size and resolutionindependent, so you’ll get similar results regardless of whether you are rendering to a 72-DPI (dots per inch) monitor or a 19,200-DPI printer;

2: To utilize powerful new graphics hardware, WPF implements a vector graphics model based on the Direct3D technology. This allows graphics to scale according to screen-specific resolution without losing image quality, which is impossible to do with fixed-size raster graphics. WPF leverages Direct3D for vector-based rendering, and uses the graphics processing unit on any video card with built-in DirectX implemented. In anticipation of future technology, such as high-resolution display, WPF uses a floating-point logical pixel system and supports 32-bit ARGB colors. (Windows Form uses GDI+ for graphic)