Our Blog Site Has Been Changed to a Static Website

Our blog post has been changed from the original wordpress to a static website. The main purpose is to increase visit speed. We also want to avoid our blog site binding with a database, which is hard to maintain.

Goolge I/O 2018 Keynote in 10 Minutes

Google has annual developer conference too. It is Google I/O.

Replace a substring in PHP str_replace

Don’t know why PHP’s official manual is so confusing for the str_replace function. Replace a substring.

Using the Bing Map REST Service with .NET (simple notes)

I had a chance to learn a little bit Microsoft Bing Map Development Knowledge when a friend visited. Let me record something which we talked about (actually I learnt)

The Amazon Filler Items Searching Website is Upgraded

I released a simple ASP.NET MVC website using Amazon service 2 days ago. I might call it MyFiller project version 1. In the 1st version, I actually have not finished all features which I wanted. So in past 2 days, I modified something on it. Now I can call it version 2.

I am a newbie for LinkedIn

I know LinkedIn is a social type website for professional people, I have also 1 or 2 accounts on it since there was one of my friends suggested me to register on it couple of years ago. However I used LinkedIn few time and did not check information on it normally, so I am still a newbie for LinkedIn.

Experienced Software Developer Still Faces to Code or Basic Acknowledge Test When Interview

As a IT guy, a Software Developer, a Microsoft technologies developer (from C++ to .NET ) with over 24 years development history, I still have to face to some awkward (embarrassed ? ) situations such as job interviews. I left school so many years, but some interviews still needed me to give correct answers for some basic computer and programming acknowledges, such as: What is C# ? What features does OO have ? or I was asked for writing code to give a good performance program to implement a scanning or searching case based on stack or queue ….

Experienced Software Developer Still Faces to Code or Basic Acknowledge Test When Interview

As a IT guy, a Software Developer, a Microsoft technologies developer (from C++ to .NET ) with over 24 years development history, I still have to face to some awkward (embarrassed ? ) situations such as job interviews. I left school so many years, but some interviews still needed me to give correct answers for some basic computer and programming acknowledges, such as: What is C# ? What features does OO have ? or I was asked for writing code to give a good performance program to implement a scanning or searching case based on stack or queue ….

Website Updated

We updated CodeEase.com due to new technologies and new devices. More and more people are using mobile devices now, some people will never use computer then, so the website should follow the new times.

Cloud Computing is Required Feature in New Enterprise Applications

I mentioned Cloud Computing was the mainstream currently. We have to consider the Cloud Computing requirement in most of our existing or new developing software projects NOW because the Cloud Computing has penetrated to everywhere in our life. it came very earlier than we thought.

Cloud Computing is the Mainstream Now

Due to the newest quarter earning releases from big companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google in the last week, the Cloud Computing related services and products became or is to become the main revenue growth.

Web Services on Devices – WSD

Compared with MODBUS protocol, if your device will be on Web, you might better consider use WSD protocol: Web Services on Devices.

One solution for HTTP Error 500.21 - Internal Server Error

When I set IIS web server, I met multiple times about HTTP Error 500.21 – Internal Server Error.

Microsoft Patterns and Practices Developer Center

We often see the words “Microsoft patterns & practices” on Microsoft development websites.

SignalR 2.0 is Completely Built on OWIN

When we turned to SignalR 2.0, seems we can not leave away from OWIN (the Open Web Interface for .NET), because SignalR 2.0 is built completely on OWIN.

The Second Article was Chosen By Microsoft ASP.NET

Today I just read my emails and found that in the last day of 2013 My another blog article about new ASP.NET tech SignalR was accepted by Microsoft ASP.NET website and posted on the daily community article list.

CSS Table

You might not need to use <table> html tag for a table, but just use CSS.

Changed Theme for New Platforms

We changed site theme in last weekend, just for new platforms such as mobile, tablets. Because there are not only desktop and laptop in current world.

Links Display Busy Indicator in Web

1: jQuery and client side: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4355268/how-to-display-a-busy-indicator-with-jquery

Host SignalR 2.0 in WPF Application

Microsoft has released new versions of ASP.NET, Visual Studio, SignalR etc. The real-time web might be focused on their SignalR tech since SignalR supports Web Sockets and other compatible techs.

Dependency Injection

DI: Dependency Injection. 

HTML5 and WebSocket Supported

1: Web Socket Protocol Support:

WCF or Web API

About WCF and Web API, we should have a longer blog, but this time we just put several links, they are also great article about WCF vs Web API, you should get to know whether choose WCF or Web API after you reading them.

Deploy an ASP.NET Project on IIS 6

One of our ASP.NET project was built based on .NET 4 and focused on IIS 7.x web server, but doesn’t matter, IIS 6 support .NET 4.0 well, so we should be able to deploy the project on IIS 6 server too.

Something About IIS

IIS is the Web Server software from Microsoft. Normally IIS is a part of Windows OS system, it means you do not need to purchase an IIS separately.

Abstractions map WCF Web API vs ASP.NET Web API

there are some concepts map between old WCF Web API and new ASP.NET Web API.

An ASP.NET MVC3 Demo Application Introduction

About 36 hours ago, I just complained how painful as a Microsoft tech developer. Why I complained just because I have to maintain my Microsoft development skills on 4 different tech (they  are really different): Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET Web Forms,  ASP.NET MVC. I mean: I have to follow the new tech everyday, even every second!

Why As A Microsoft Tech Developer is So Painful!

When the years of Java Learn from C++, I did not have a good chance and a good reason to turn to Java, I think it was my BIG BIG Bad luck in my life. so, through so many years, I am keeping on the Microsoft technologies.

MVC3 Model compatibility cannot be checked because the database does not contain model metadata

An ASP.NET MVC3 project, using code first. followed Microsoft tutorial "Getting Started with EF using MVC".

Host ASP.NET Web API In WPF Application

WCF Web API is changed to ASP.NET Web API. ASP.NET Web API has the feature of self-host. In Microsoft official site, they have provided two simples ASP.NET Web API self-host samples. However, they are too simple and actually they looks like the “same” one because those 2 samples are Console applications and they use very similar content.

A Sample of Integrating Bing Map and Geonames using ASP.NET

Some of Bing map and Google map services are not free, For example, They will not provide a free Geo database to developer.

Install Cool, Update with Newest - Microsoft Web Platform Installer

When we installed a web platform, for example, we installed a PHP or IIS version, How were you going to do if they released PHP or IIS new version? Normally you had to their update guide to do the update manually step by step. And another problem is that all the existing edition on your computer can not let you know current installation version and current release version directly. also, sometimes you did not know whether you had already installed some stuff or not (you had to go to control panel to check the installed software list, but sometimes you still could not see some web platform from control panel).

Web Application Projects vs Web Site Projects

Since Visual Studio 2008, We can see there are two different web projects: ASP.NET Web Application and ASP.NET Web Site. Actually in Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft tried to remove the web application and replaced it with web site project, but there were many feedbacks indicated programmers need web application project. Later Microsoft released the package for web application project which was for Visual Studio 2005, at that time, some  of earlier VS users needed to install the package separately.

Start to Develop Bing Map Application (2)

We have finished the first step: Apply a Bing map key to develop Bing map application.

Start to Develop Bing Map Application

Even you are an experienced Bing map developer, you still might forget how to start to develop a Bing map application after some time if you no more touch the Bing map stuff. So here we record some initial tings for Bing map development.

Microsoft Office Web Apps

Since many years ago we have used Microsoft Office software to handle our document works. We use Word to write general document, we use Excel to build spreadsheets, we use Power Point to write presentation files.

Chinese AddThis share service

Here we found some great Chinese share services that are similar with AddThis share services.

Recommended A greate web design site

You might be looking for a professional web designer, why don't looking for some professional web design company ? If you only have one or several web applications to find web designer, you might better to think about those web design company, the cost is cheaper possible.

Microsoft will release IE 9 on March 14

Microsoft today announced it would launch Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) on Monday, March 14.

Some Job websites

1: Working in Toronto

Skype went down for hours

2010 Dec 22, the world lead internet phone and video service Skype went down in a global service outstage.

Center Alignment is CSS

1: Center Fixed-Width Layouts:

Remove ASP.NET Page Output Cache Entries

1: Remove ASP.NET Page Output Cache Entries

Multiple browser tabs sharing session by default

Normally browser such as IE, Firefox, if you open multiple tabs, all tabs share session cookies with the 1st opened tab.

Online check HTML Color Codes

Here is a nice website to let you check HTML color codes online:

CSS Id vs Class

ID is unique

Mapping Your Data with Bing Maps and SQL Server 2008

Found an article about “Mapping Your Data with Bing Maps and SQL Server 2008”

Microsoft IE9 beta launched

Microsoft invited some VIP members to an event in San Francisco which was about IE9 beta launching in Sep 15 2010.

\"It Works\" only when visit loalhost

When you try to visit "http://localhost/", you might only see 2 words on the page: It Works!

Dynamic SilverLight Deep Zoom

Some helpful articles which are about dynamic silverlight deep zoom:

Deep Zoom

Deep Zoom is an implementation of the Seadragon Software technology for use in Microsoft Silverlight and Seadragon Ajax applications. It allows users to pan around and zoom in a large, high resolution image or a large collection of images. It reduces the time required for initial load by downloading only the region being viewed and/or only at the resolution it is displayed at. Subsequent regions are downloaded as the user pans to (or zooms into them); animations are used to hide any jerkiness in the transition.

Page Not Found Multiple Language Text

When we build Web Applications, we need to give a 404 page when the url link dead or not work. So “Page Not Found” content should be put in the 404 page. It is so easy because you just put the text on that page.

New site after missing my old CodeEase site

The old CodeEase site was created in 2008 or 2009, but there was a serious accident , or you can say it was my fault: I forgot to renew the hosting and did not have a time to check the status, until everything gone, finally the entire site gone, I even did not backup my site !

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