Using the Bing Map REST Service with .NET (simple notes)

I had a chance to learn a little bit Microsoft Bing Map Development Knowledge when a friend visited. Let me record something which we talked about (actually I learnt)

An ASP.NET MVC Website Using AngularJS and Running on Azure Cloud Platform

I created Amazon Filler Items Searching website in last month. I used multiple technologies such as ASP.NET MVC 5, C#, .NET Framework 4.6, Async Task, Ajax, jQuery, Bootstrap etc. All these technologies are popular in current .NET applications development. Actually, Amazon Filler Searching website is a real project because we load formal commercial Amazon web services. You can use it for your real purchasing on Amazon.

AngularJS Syntax of $ in Different Versions

The http post action in AngularJS versions is designed with different syntaxes:

Smart Amazon Fillers Website Supports Both of Canada and USA Now

Since I met another weekend and got spare time, I did not wait long and finished urgent features on Smart Amazon Fillers website: Supporting multiple countries, and fixing pagination issue.

A Simple ASP.NET MVC Amazon Filler Items Searching Website

Update: I have released the version 2.  After you read the content below, please also read the new version information. Thanks!

ASP.NET Related Names and Versions MVC, EF, Core…

Every 1 or 2 months if I did not touch the projects which were about ASP.NET related technologies, I might forget the names and versions. Let me record something here:

Mono Supports ASP.NET 4.x Partially

I was some confused on Mono project official site information: I had question about what .NET web technologies which Mono supported. I got information that Mono currently ONLY supported ASP.NET 2 from official content here.

Ajax.BeginForm not work in ASP.NET MVC 4 and 4.5 ?

In newer versions of ASP.NET MVC such as 4 or 4.5, when you used Ajax.BeginForm like

How to Add 3rd Party or Custom JavaScript Files or Libraries in ASP.NET MVC 4+

If you wrote your own JavaScript or jQuery file, and it is not too big, for sure you can place it to any custom folder which you like, and drag it to your view or html file to use it.

MVC Sections DON’t Work in Partial Views

We add JavaScript or jQuery in ASP.NET MVC views in the scripts section:

The Second Article was Chosen By Microsoft ASP.NET

Today I just read my emails and found that in the last day of 2013 My another blog article about new ASP.NET tech SignalR was accepted by Microsoft ASP.NET website and posted on the daily community article list.

More links jQuery, MVC, Ajax…

1: Tutorial: Server Broadcast with SignalR 2.0

Asynchronous Child Actions Still not Supported in .NET 4.5.1

We have updated our project to .NET 4.5.1, but we see asynchronous child actions still not supported: When we tried to use ChildAction, we got the following error message:

Links Display Busy Indicator in Web

1: jQuery and client side:

ASP.NET Web API Routing and Actions Notes

(Note: Here we only provide a learning note, so most sample code below are not ours, for example, most of them were copied from Microsoft ASP.NET website)

Host SignalR 2.0 in WPF Application

Microsoft has released new versions of ASP.NET, Visual Studio, SignalR etc. The real-time web might be focused on their SignalR tech since SignalR supports Web Sockets and other compatible techs.

Dependency Injection

DI: Dependency Injection. 

ASP.NET MVC 4 Validation Notes

We should know in ASP.NET MVC 4 (or 5 also), the web config items ClientValidationEnabled and UnobtrusiveJavaScriptEnabled are set to false by default, so unless we specified, all validations in ASP.MVC 4 are occurring on Server side.

What’s new in ASP.NET MVC 4

ASP.NET MVC 4 new features:

An ASP.NET MVC3 Demo Application Introduction

About 36 hours ago, I just complained how painful as a Microsoft tech developer. Why I complained just because I have to maintain my Microsoft development skills on 4 different tech (they  are really different): Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET Web Forms,  ASP.NET MVC. I mean: I have to follow the new tech everyday, even every second!

Why As A Microsoft Tech Developer is So Painful!

When the years of Java Learn from C++, I did not have a good chance and a good reason to turn to Java, I think it was my BIG BIG Bad luck in my life. so, through so many years, I am keeping on the Microsoft technologies.

MVC3 Model compatibility cannot be checked because the database does not contain model metadata

An ASP.NET MVC3 project, using code first. followed Microsoft tutorial "Getting Started with EF using MVC".

One Difference Entity State in Desktop App vs in Web App

Microsoft’s Entity Framework now released at least 4 or even 5 main versions, there are many new stuff should to learn for most of Microsoft tech programmers who want to turn to MVC and Entity Framework.

ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta Install

Let’s try ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta now since MVC 4 is so great, we can not wait for the final version released.

Adding Dynamic Output in MVC Using ViewBag

Here is a simple sample for how to add dynamic output in MVC using ViewBag:

Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider. It may not be installed.

We have a small MVC project, once a time we got the following error message in a popup window:

What's new in ASP.NET MVC 3 ?

Scott Gu's blog can provide you enough information about MVC 3: (148) c# (109) .net (100) silverlight (62) sql server (60) visual studio (57) wpf (56) Web (53) Windows (51) sql (43) microsoft (40) cloud (38) wcf (35) mvc (27) windows forms (23) azure (19) computer (19) source control (17) c++ (16) iis (16) javascript (15) c (15) git (14) database (14) WordPress (13) mobile (13) map (13) report (12) Blog (10) gis (10) linux (10) php (9) svn (9) .net core (8) css (8) google (7) system (7) jquery (7) html (6) web api (6) windows phone (6) gmail (5) bing map (5) open source (5) java (5) membership (4) amazon (4) vmware (4) control (4) blazor (4) Virtual Machine (4) windows server (4) system management (4) html5 (4) cpu (3) api (3) security (3) virus (3) job (3) iot (3) youtube (3) mono (3) static (3) bootstrap (3) storage (3) binding (3) news (3) network (3) modbus (3) windows 7 (3) signalr (3) linq (3) chart (3) bing (3) eclipse (3) setup (2) Skype (2) driver (2) xml (2) (2) cellphone (2) uml (2) VB (2) ssd (2) angularjs (2) animation (2) video (2) interview (2) tools (2) permission (2) xamarin (2) singleton (2) core (2) entity framework (2) WebAssembly (2) socket (2) data (2) development (2) cross platform (2) Router (2) server (2) programming (2) game (2) xbox (2) phone (2) visio (2) (2) kinect (1) size (1) install (1) print (1) grant (1) power (1) page (1) web app (1) printer (1) monitor (1) jave (1) wp7 (1) apps (1) office (1) dell (1) font (1) windows.form (1) vista (1) xp (1) ce (1) compact (1) object (1) hosting (1) Micorosoft (1) sdk (1) hot key (1) rss (1) combobox (1) gps (1) mobille (1) chrome (1) firefox (1) ie (1) embedded (1) media-player (1) firewall (1) GAC (1) browser (1) Memory (1) mfc (1) memebership (1) image (1) document (1) help (1) android (1) iphone (1) it (1) threat (1) software (1) restful (1) deals (1) deal (1) angular (1) free shipping (1) ajax (1) iquery (1) tfs (1) config (1) password (1) 3d (1) maya (1) mel (1) rendering (1) agile (1) software development (1) hyper-v (1) linkedin (1) social (1) HDD (1) tekton (1) account (1) schduler (1) architecture (1) solution (1) seo (1) desktop (1) theme (1) tcp (1) client (1) Website (1) screen (1) tablet (1) ai (1) enum (1) esri (1) home (1) WiFi (1) Powerline (1) Internet (1) postgresql (1) Scada (1) email (1) life (1) Code (1) web socket (1) iis express (1) windows-8 (1) event (1) Cell phone (1) design (1) thread (1) mysql (1) editor (1) sql.server (1) msdn (1) shared (1) reset (1) share (1)